FlashFit | 1.2.18: Resolve to Make Self-Care and Fitness a Part of Your Employees’ Work days in 2018.
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1.2.18: Resolve to Make Self-Care and Fitness a Part of Your Employees’ Work days in 2018.

1.2.18: Resolve to Make Self-Care and Fitness a Part of Your Employees’ Work days in 2018.

As we embark on a New Year, you’ve probably made a few resolutions focusing on your health and wellness. What about your employees?

Corporate wellness programs have evolved significantly in the past 20 years, with a focus on employee’s holistic health: mental, physical, financial, etc. As millennials continue to dominate the workplace, the percentage of organizations offering wellness programs is expected to keep increasing to stay current and competitive.

With wellness programs on the rise, original and imaginative programs are making employee wellness initiatives novel and engaging. Here are some trends to look for in 2018:


Flex Time – 8am to 4pm? 12pm to 8pm? As long as your employees are accountable and dependable (and we hope they are, you hired them!) – when they work shouldn’t make a difference. As long as the work is getting done on time and to expectations. Currently, about 30% of American workers enjoy flex time as a benefit.


Work from Home – If time is not a factor, neither is location. The freedom to work from home, once earned, can be seen as a competitive perk for many full-time employees. Increasingly, companies are offering this to new employees starting on day 1. With approximately 44% of American workers telecommuting either occasionally or daily. Remote work can reduce absenteeism, decrease stress and increase productivity.


Mindfulness – Companies are increasingly making room for being in the moment rather than ticking off to-do lists. Like meditation, mindfulness works to reduce stress, calm the body and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Education on the benefits of practicing mindfulness is a fantastic addition to a well-rounded employee wellness program.


Mental Health – Employee Assistance Programs have been around for decades. But do your employees know about this free, anonymous, easy-to-use tool? Educating your team on available resources is crucial to engagement. Consider adding a stress management course as another way to support your employees’ well-being. Not to mention… allowing the occasional mental health day would also help, through taking the bold step of offering unlimited PTO time.


Financial Wellness – With more employees entering the workforce with high student debts, financial wellness is more important now than ever. Offering classes and resources to support financial literacy is another approach to ensuring holistic workplace wellness. Employees struggling with finances have difficulty concentrating and performing their tasks, so it makes good business sense for employers to provide help.


Healthy Habits – Increasing physical activity among your staff is a must. Tracking movement with wearables is a hot trend, as is gamifying the process by adding the element of competition. A well-crafted physical activity initiative will easily port to the virtual world.


Flashfit can help your employees to get up from their desks and hit their 15 minutes of activity per day and achieve their wellness resolutions. This fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts. Your organization can build teams and groups, compete and gamify to increase engagement and reward participation. No special equipment needed – employees can move their bodies anywhere.


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