FlashFit | 1.22.18: Healthy Bodies Start in Childhood
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1.22.18: Healthy Bodies Start in Childhood

1.22.18: Healthy Bodies Start in Childhood

Daily physical activity in childhood and adolescence promotes health and well-being for life and prevents a number of bad health conditions. Only 22% of kids 5-17 get the minimum, recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day. What does this mean for kids?

Staying Fit Can:

  • Lower risk for heart disease
  • Avoid cancer
  • Reduce chances of type 2 diabetes
  • Fight osteoporosis
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Help kids focus more and get better grades in school

Physical Inactivity Can:

  • Lead to energy imbalance
  • Increase risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Boost chance to develop type 2 diabetes
  • Add to risk of developing cancer
  • Cause low bone density
  • Give kids a foggy memory and inability to concentrate in class

Flashfit is an easy, fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts. Your school can build teams and groups, compete and gamify to increase engagement and reward participation. No special equipment needed – students can move their bodies anywhere. And, Flashfit is offering $100 grants and special support to schools deploying the program. Applications are due February 28, 2018. Find more details and apply here: http://dev-flashfit.pantheonsite.io/grants/

Sources: Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization

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