FlashFit | 2.6.18: Social Connectedness – Key to Workplace Wellness
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2.6.18: Social Connectedness – Key to Workplace Wellness

2.6.18: Social Connectedness – Key to Workplace Wellness

In our increasingly tech-driven world of remote workplaces and virtual teams, it’s easy for your workforce to feel isolated and disconnected from each other.

The most effective employee wellness programs focus on forging and maintaining a cultural connection. As an HR leader looking to address and improve employee health and reduce your healthcare costs, a social approach might be more successful – long-term – than solutions primarily concerned with physical activity interventions and screening. Even those existing programs can see an improvement in adoption if a social component is added. Data integration such as a software program and/or wearables can drive your employee wellness program engagement to the next level. At our core — we need social connectedness to thrive, to be happy, and to be healthy. Keep it simple and powerful, with tools like Flashfit.

The Flashfit app can get you there easily. With hundreds of fast and fun one-minute exercises that don’t require any special equipment, your employees can get moving right in your office. And Flashfit will track and measure all employee all activity, so your organization can reach your wellness goals and work healthy. https://www.flash.fit

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