FlashFit | 2.13.18: What is a “Holistic” Employee Wellness Program?
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2.13.18: What is a “Holistic” Employee Wellness Program?

2.13.18: What is a “Holistic” Employee Wellness Program?

Traditional employee wellness programs have focused on things like physical activity and healthy eating.  The booming trend of holistic employee wellness programs addresses additional aspects of employees’ lives to improve 360-degree health. Holistic employee wellness could include activities that encourage:

  • Career planning
  • Mental and Social health and connection
  • Financial education and advice
  • Physical health
  • Community, volunteerism and corporate culture

A holistic approach recognizes that wellness touches every aspect of a person’s health. Wellness is what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we take care of chronic conditions.  Wellness also is how we budget for health care and how we cope with stress.

With a holistic wellness program, employees have more flexibility to customize their own path to wellness based on what matters most to them.  

Employers must recognize that employees’ emotional, social, physical, and fiscal health all are related. For example, if financial challenges stress an employee, her health can suffer, even if the employee eats whole foods and gets regular exercise.

Taking a holistic approach may make wellness programs more attractive to employees. Offering a variety of wellness options that touch on all areas of well-being will drive quality, engaged participation.


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