FlashFit | 2.14.18: Redefining Wellness in Senior Living
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2.14.18: Redefining Wellness in Senior Living

2.14.18: Redefining Wellness in Senior Living

If you spend any time scrolling through Instagram, you might notice that culture is in the midst of a fitness craze. Spinning, iron men, pilates and aerial yoga are just some of the latest trends to merit a workout selfie. Senior communities are starting to adopt the fit lifestyle too.

The best senior care providers are reinventing the way “wellness” is treated in the industry — starting by offering more than just fitness centers and group classes.

A successful senior wellness program will be holistic: involving the whole person, and it centers around six dimensions: social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and physical.

Wellness programs in senior communities can affect health care operations costs, use of the healthcare center and use of medication, and also reduced emergency room visits, hospital readmissions, and falls.These programs also have an impact on resident and family member satisfaction and on move-in decision-making.

By breaking down the six dimensions of a holistic wellness program, care providers can better understand why “wellness” in senior living no longer just means “fitness center.”

  1. SocialProgramming such as cooking classes, performing arts and concerts, and meeting rooms help seniors participate and collaborate.
  1. EmotionalPioneering new activities like “laughing lotus” yoga and on-site therapists and group talk therapy help to identify and ameliorate issues before they manifest.
  1. IntellectualCollege-like courses taught by outside experts meant to encourage learning and resident participation.
  1. SpiritualOfferings like full-time chaplains and weekly worship services, and programs that encourage connection with nature.
  1. Vocational (Occupational): Amenities such as woodworking, computer, business and sewing centers, where residents can gather to cultivate their hobbies, develop interests and learn new skills. This dimension of wellness also includes volunteering, something the community strongly encourages.
  1. Physical: State-of-the-art, full-service wellness centers, personal functional trainers, and group classes continue to be essential to senior health.

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Sources: Senior Housing News

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