FlashFit | 2.15.18: Flashfit App Now Available for iOS and Android Devices
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2.15.18: Flashfit App Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

2.15.18: Flashfit App Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Your favorite, fun-to-use fitness app is now available on Google Play. Grab your friends and create a Flashmob to spontaneously bring people together and improve your health and happiness.

FlashFit is an interactive app that blends a spontaneous Flash mob with 60 seconds of fun exercise and dance moves. We call the moves “Fitsets” and they are fun and easy. Simply join a FlashFit community and receive notices randomly during the day to your phone to get up and move. Everyone in the community is receiving the same notice at the same time. You are moving, being healthy, and having fun along with everyone else who is participating. You can always ignore the notice if you’re busy and do a Fitset later on your own schedule. Don’t worry; we’ll track your completed Fitsets and calories burned no matter when you get up a move.


The notification provides a sample video clip of the movement and instructions on how to perform the “Fitset” that everyone in the FlashFit community is about to begin, and the countdown starts. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Just accept the challenge, enjoy the Music and GET MOVING… It ONLY last for 60 seconds, so no excuses this time!

Once completed you can view the stats on how well you and the FlashFit community did. The FlashFit app also integrates with Apple’s™ Health Kit.


Studies show that sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time, even if you exercise, can hurt your health and shorten your life.

Only 20% of the children in the US receive the recommended amount of physical activity every day.

The average American sits for 13 hours per day, not sleeping, but actually sitting, WOW!!!!

Join the FlashFit community and improve your health and the health of those in your community.

Apps like Flashfit can help you effortlessly integrate activity into your hectic day. This fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts that you can do anywhere. No special equipment needed – just your phone and positive vibes.

Download Flashfit at the Apple Store

Download Flashfit at Google Play


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