FlashFit | 2.22.18: Top Fitness Trends to Try in 2018
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2.22.18: Top Fitness Trends to Try in 2018

2.22.18: Top Fitness Trends to Try in 2018

Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Improving your fitness level is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, however gym memberships often go unused from February onwards. The trick to getting fit and staying that way is finding the right exercise for you. Mix things up. Keep your fitness efforts varied. Try some of best new classes and methods for 2018.


  1. Boxing: classes such Kobox and gyms like BXR are super popular
  2. Versaclimber: take a break from Soulcycle and try this group cardio
  3. Cross-Training: mash ups like spin/barre and weights/yoga are hot
  4. Online Classes + Apps: sign into Boxx or, better yet, Flashfit and get moving
  5. Self-Care: yoga integrated with meditation can keep you sane and centered
  6. Recovery: bounce back from an injury with restorative or Forrest yoga techniques
  7. Walking: basic, effective, no ClassPass needed
  8. Wearables: smart leggings, Fitbits, and in-class heart monitors keep you on track
  9. HIIT: short bursts of intense activity followed by rest period mix it up
  10. Cryotherapy: sub-freezing temps boost recovery and reduce inflammation

Apps like Flashfit can help you effortlessly integrate activity into your hectic day. This fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts that you can do anywhere. No special equipment needed – just your phone and positive vibes.

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