FlashFit | 3.1.18: Create a Plan to Reach Your Fitness Goals
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3.1.18: Create a Plan to Reach Your Fitness Goals

3.1.18: Create a Plan to Reach Your Fitness Goals

A cozy winter spent Netflix and chilling, with the occasional weekend run or hot yoga sesh thrown in, can leave us struggling to remember what an steady fitness routine looks like. Which is why setting a specific goal (at whatever level you are comfortable with) and putting a fitness training plan in place is a smart way to get your body back on track.

1-What’s your current fitness level?

You can be informal in assessing this – i.e. it’s been a few years since I worked out consistently, I’m starting from ground zero.

Or, get serious and take benchmark measurements of resting heart rate, pulse, pace during running/walking, flexibility, etc.

2-What are your goals?

This is dependent on your individual objectives, but here are a few common fitness goals:

  • Increase cardio endurance
  • Sport-Specific Training: Run a 10K
  • Build strength
  • Tone and lengthen muscles
  • Reduce stress and integrate meditation
  • Functional fitness: feel better every day

3-Design your plan

How many hours of exercise do you want to hit every week?

The Mayo Clinic recommends 150 minutes (almost 4 hours) of aerobic activity a week and 1 hour of strength training per week. This is the bare minimum. So how can you break this up to make sure you get there? Bust out your Google calendar and start blocking your time every day until you’ve hit this goal “on paper.” Then determine how you’re going to get that time. A group fitness class? Maybe a run with a friend? Yoga DVD in your basement?

Be specific with your intention and schedule, and stick with it.

4-Buy any equipment

Shoes, apps, smart devices, yoga mat – what are the items you need to succeed. If budget is an issue, check thrift stores and eBay to stock up for less cash. You can perform most fitness activities with little to no special equipment and no pricey gym contract. Be creative. Put the internet to use and find workout plans and classes on YouTube for free.

5-Get started and monitor your progress

Start slow and make steady progress – too much effort out of the gate might result in injury or burnout. It’s a marathon (or 10K) and not a sprint….

Take time to benchmark your hard work – but be realistic. You might not see a change every week, so aim for a monthly assessment to get that sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Make Flashfit a part of your fitness plan. Apps like Flashfit can help you effortlessly integrate activity into your busy day. This fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts that you can do anywhere, alone or with the Flashfit community. No special equipment needed – just your phone and positive vibes.


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