FlashFit | 4.3.18: San Marcos Elementary School Pilots Locally-Developed Flashfit App
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4.3.18: San Marcos Elementary School Pilots Locally-Developed Flashfit App

4.3.18: San Marcos Elementary School Pilots Locally-Developed Flashfit App

As the fastest-growing region in the nation according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the San Marcos area is the epicenter for innovative approaches to health and education. A local public elementary school is leading the way via a first-of-its-kind, tech-driven movement application for students.

Now available for both iOS and Android, Flashfit leverages tech in classrooms to improve health and educational outcomes. Students at Crockett Elementary are seeing results. “The Flashfit app helps our students stay focused and deepens our school community,” says Crockett Elementary principal Dr. Keith Cunningham. “The exercises are engaging and inclusive – any student can participate. Plus it’s fun for the classrooms to compete.”

“Flashfit provides fun, one-minute exercises or dance moves with great video and music randomly throughout the day to everyone using the app at the same time within a specific community like a school, or all over the world,” says Flashfit CEO and Founder Angela Pierce. “Its value is in improving the health and happiness of those who join the ‘flashfitmob’. Studies support one-minute brain breaks and exertions as hugely beneficial to students’ health and well-being.”

Flashfit is the product of a booming central Texas business and tech environment. San Marcos Economic Development Administrator Kevin Burke notes, “The Austin-San Antonio corridor is ranked as the fastest-growing metro in the U.S., and San Marcos is at the heart of this dynamic region. Our community is embracing this sustained influx of talent and investment, which makes it an exciting time to work in the economic development field.”

One indicator of tech-driven economic success is the thriving presence of facilities such as Splash Coworking, which opened last year in downtown San Marcos to support growing businesses. Co-founder and San Marcos native Carina Boston Pinales hopes “to continue to create a space where businesses grow and succeed. We are attracting innovators like tech start-ups that are working to create by using their experiences, skills, and talents. Splash incubates community.”

Flashfit is an easy-to-use app providing fun; do-anywhere fitness and brain break programs for K-12 schools, enterprises and senior centers. Learn more at www.flash.fit.

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