FlashFit | 4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class
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4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class

4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class

A generation raised on Wii and Xbox is looking for something different from their fitness experience, and technology is making that happen.

To change Millennial’s perception of group fitness, Reebok created Immersive Fitness – a line of studio programming that is anything but your mother’s step class. Studio spaces are outfitted with screens spanning the length and height of three walls. This creates a 3D experience of synchronized music and graphics.

“It’s the combination of the fitness experience with this fantastic visual and sensual experience you have in a surround cinema,” Reebok says. “You don’t feel the exercise because you’re so into it. You’re absorbed in the fact that you have to jump over things, duck down, move to the side.”

Immersive Fitness is just one example of what technology can do in the fitness environment. But as with all new technology, it isn’t a practical option for most gyms just yet. These programs utilize standard group exercise equipment. However,the AV costs can reach up to $450,000. And, the program currently is designed to work only with a few specified studio sizes, requiring either a retrofit of an existing space or addition of a custom-built space.

Still, the idea of creating an engaging environment for users through sensory technology and virtual reality elements is infiltrating fitness programming at more practical levels. Take the Peleton fitness bike. Now riders can take a spin class from home with any number of NYC’s top teachers. It doesn’t come cheap at about $2K, but regular use could result in a positive ROI.

Improvements in the ability to capture and track data in real time and feed it back to the exerciser are also contributing to a more engaged fitness experience. Once a person understands the relationship between effort and outcome, the workouts become more meaningful. It makes people feel more accountable and in control, and motivates them to work harder.

Make Flashfit a part of your fitness plan. Apps like Flashfit can help you effortlessly integrate activity into your busy day. This inexpensive, fun-to-use app provides aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts that you can do anywhere, alone or with the Flashfit community. Flashfit tracks and reports all of your stats.

No special equipment needed – just your phone and positive vibes.

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