FlashFit | 4.11.18: Fit Over 50
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4.11.18: Fit Over 50

4.11.18: Fit Over 50

The first of the Gen X cohort is turning 50 this year. As part of this generation, I know we don’t think of ourselves as “aging” or “middle age.” But with young kids, older parents, and often two (or more)-job households – age has nothing to do with starting and maintaining a fitness program.

It’s all about finding something you can stick with.

Start Small

You might not be able to run the Ironman on your first week back on a workout plan. You can start by integrating running/walking with the dog and/or your kiddos, or take easy morning laps in the community pool. Daily, gradually, building up to your big-picture fitness goal. Don’t beat yourself up – or worse – injure yourself if you can’t climb Mt. Evans on day one. And don’t forget to speak with your health care pro before starting any fitness program.

Make It Fun

With services like Classpass – the world of fitness is literally at your fingertips. I started breaking up my Pilates and Barre habit with aerial circus classes. I defy you to not have fun on silks… With a press of a button, you can access all types of fitness options and book your choice online. Beyond the gym, teaching my kids to ride a bike has me back in the saddle. Workouts don’t have to be a chore – “no pain, no gain” is just a myth – unless you’re into that, in which case, more power to you.

Take It Easy

Try to integrate your fitness routine into your daily life. Try a gym or class that you drive by every day on your commute. Leverage your love of tech and subscribe to a fitness app or try out a device like Fitbit to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Health is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

Mix It Up

Even something as engaging as my circus aerials class can become routine after a few months. Switch it up and try something new for a few weeks until you’re ready to return to your primary passion. Or, maybe just swap out one class or run a week with something like a restorative yoga or HIIT workout.


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