FlashFit | 4.16.18: Brain Breaks Benefit Students
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4.16.18: Brain Breaks Benefit Students

4.16.18: Brain Breaks Benefit Students

The Flashfit app leads K-12 students in one-minute segments of physical activity set to music. The short periods of exercise – or “brain breaks” – aim to improve the physical health, mental awareness and educational success of children.

“We’re increasingly recognizing the importance of physical activity for children even as the academic demands placed on them are cutting into the traditional programs of recess and physical education,” said Gerd Bobe, an assistant professor in the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences, an expert in public health nutrition and behavior, and principal investigator with the Linus Pauling Institute.

“Kids need to move, they can’t just sit all day long,” Bobe said. “Given the time constraints and multiple demands that schools are facing, we really believe the concept of short activity breaks, right in the classroom, is the way to go.” Research has shown that physical activity can increase academic performance, student focus and classroom behavior, Bobe said.

The Flashfit app offers a variety of segments, including cardio, strength and stretching set to driving, original music. No special equipment is necessary, and all activities can be done in a classroom setting.

“Longer periods of exercise have a place, but research shows that these short programs can be very valuable as well,” Bobe said. “They can increase oxygen consumption, range of motion, endurance, and get kids in the habit of being more active. A little bit of exercise can go a long way.”

Both teachers and students benefit from movement breaks. Flashfit is a web-based and mobile app used by hundreds of K-12 schools to provide their students with much-needed movement along with a dose of fun and healthy competition. To get your school started, Flashfit is offering a special rate of $199 for the 2018-19 school year including unlimited use of the entire school, staff and families.

Flashfit is easy to set up, easy to deploy, and we provide your school with tools and resources to implement an engaging and effective program. Oh, and it’s a blast for students, staff and parents.  

Flashfit is an easy, fun-to-use app providing aerobic and strength-building exercises in one-minute bursts. Your school can build teams and groups, compete and gamify to increase student engagement and reward participation. No special equipment needed – kids can move their bodies anywhere. #jointhemob


Oregon State University

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