FlashFit | 5.28.18: Keep Kids Moving All Summer!
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5.28.18: Keep Kids Moving All Summer!

5.28.18: Keep Kids Moving All Summer!

Summer break is upon us –

Time for a more relaxed routine, no homework, and no gym class… This doesn’t have to mean more screen time. It’s important for children to keep moving and eat healthy all summer.

For a more organized activities, there are many summer camps and local programs and leagues like the Y for team and individual sports pursuits. Your kids may discover they love a sport they’ve never tried before. Take hike in your neighborhood and explore the world around you. Find a trail in your area on www.localhikes.com. Finally, public swimming pools abound during summer. Learn together how to use a diving board, or have races across the pool; blue vanilla slush goes to the winner!

You and your child should aim for at least an 30 minutes of exercise a day – an hour is ideal. Many family adventures can include movement – a visit to a theme park or county fair can provide for thousands of steps in-between all the rides and games; so can creating a scavenger hunt around your town or heading to a farmers’ market to for ingredients to make dinner together; or a day at the zoo, aquarium or museum.

Local, healthy, tasty food is abundant over the summer, so take advantage and try new recipes or even new foods that you’ve been Pinning. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget to supplement these activities by effortlessly integrating fitness into your family’s day with the Flashfit App. Your kiddos will enjoy spontaneous one-minute movement breaks throughout the day – delivered straight to your family’s devices.



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