FlashFit | Flashfit Grant Program Brings Healthy Brain Breaks to 30,000 Students
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Flashfit Grant Program Brings Healthy Brain Breaks to 30,000 Students

Flashfit Grant Program Brings Healthy Brain Breaks to 30,000 Students

Tech-driven movement app will encourage improved educational outcomes at K-12 schools in 33 states

More than 30,000 K-12 students in 33 states will benefit from a new grant program from Flashfit, the first-of-its-kind, tech-driven movement application for students.

The Flashfit program has awarded funds to 50 K-12 schools. This grant was offered in support of Active Schools, a national movement working to ensure student participation in at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day becomes the norm.

“At Active Schools, we’re dedicated to making it easier for schools to provide an active school environment because we know that active kids do better,” Active Schools Executive Director Charlene Burgeson said. “Thanks to generous grant programs like Flashfit’s, teachers have the resources they need to incorporate physical activity in their classrooms throughout the day and help their students be engaged and ready to learn.”

Now available for iOS and Android, the Flashfit app leverages tech in classrooms to encourage a lifetime foundation of healthy habits.

“Flashfit provides fun, one-minute exercises or dance moves – straight to the classroom – with great video and music spontaneously throughout the day to all students using the app at the same time within a specific school community – or all over the world,” Flashfit CEO and Founder Angela Pierce said. “As a partner in the Active Schools movement, we know that schools need tools that make physical activity fun. Studies have shown that even short movement intervals can have a significant positive impact on the both physical and emotional health and the educational outcomes of children.”

For a few moments each day, students at grant-winning Mason Elementary School in Ohio have a ‘brain break’ with Flashfit. PE teacher Steve Tabar said his students enjoy using Flashfit for activity breaks, with the videos providing a fun way of getting students moving and active.

“Flashfit has a variety of activities, including dance breaks, making it fun and engaging for all students,” Tabar said. “It is great to see students having fun and getting exercise during health class, and I even enjoy participating in the videos with the students.”

Flashfit is an easy-to-use app providing fun, do-anywhere fitness and brain break programs for K-12 schools, enterprises, and senior centers. Learn more at www.flash.fit.

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