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Flashfit Featured on App of the Day

Flashfit Featured on App of the Day

Our fearless founder, Angela Pierce, was featured in an interview with the App of the Day website.

According to Angela, one of the largest long-term health issues in our society is our sedentary lifestyles. Sitting is the new cancer and we all sit too much! The average American sits 13 hours per day (excluding sleep, mostly at work.

The mission of Flashfit is to get people to move for just one minute a handful of times per day it could really help people. So we try to make it fun and easy. A new 4-year study published, shows if you sit continuously for more than 45 minutes at a time without a break you have a 30% higher mortality rate. We have to do something…so we hope we can help in some small way.

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FlashFit is an interactive app that blends a spontaneous Flash mob with 60 seconds of fun exercise and dance moves. We call the moves “Fitsets” and they are fun and easy. Simply join a FlashFit community and receive phone notices randomly during the day to get up and move. Everyone in the community receives the same notice at the same time. You are moving, being healthy, and having fun along with everyone else who is participating. You can always ignore the notice if you’re busy and do a Fitset later on your own schedule. Don’t worry: we’ll track your completed Fitsets and calories burned no matter when you get up and move.

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