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2.19.18: Physical Education in Schools: Girls vs. Boys?

Interested in gender parity in fitness? Start early. Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and Northumbria University show that getting girls involved in physical fitness programs in early elementary school may level the playing field in terms of participation and engagement. Sian Lawson, senior lecturer...


2.15.18: Flashfit App Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Your favorite, fun-to-use fitness app is now available on Google Play. Grab your friends and create a Flashmob to spontaneously bring people together and improve your health and happiness. FlashFit is an interactive app that blends a spontaneous Flash mob with 60 seconds of fun exercise...


2.14.18: Redefining Wellness in Senior Living

If you spend any time scrolling through Instagram, you might notice that culture is in the midst of a fitness craze. Spinning, iron men, pilates and aerial yoga are just some of the latest trends to merit a workout selfie. Senior communities are starting to...


2.13.18: What is a “Holistic” Employee Wellness Program?

Traditional employee wellness programs have focused on things like physical activity and healthy eating.  The booming trend of holistic employee wellness programs addresses additional aspects of employees’ lives to improve 360-degree health. Holistic employee wellness could include activities that encourage: Career planning Mental and Social...


2.7.18: Fitness: More Important with Age

It’s never too late to get started on a fitness program. As our bodies age, it becomes increasingly important to continue moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is more important than ever maintain strength, flexibility, and energy and manage symptoms of pain and illness....


2.6.18: Social Connectedness – Key to Workplace Wellness

In our increasingly tech-driven world of remote workplaces and virtual teams, it’s easy for your workforce to feel isolated and disconnected from each other. The most effective employee wellness programs focus on forging and maintaining a cultural connection. As an HR leader looking to address...


2.5.18: Moving in Class is Learning in Class

The evidence is building that taking brief activity breaks during the day helps children learn and be more attentive in class, and a growing number of programs designed to promote movement are being adopted in schools. A 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine demonstrated that...

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