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1.10.18 – 10 Ways Your Desk Job Is Killing You

Bad Dilbert cartoons and “humpday” jokes are not the only hazards of the modern workplace. It turns out that your office can actually contribute to serious health problems if you’re not paying attention. So put that doughnut down! Little steps can mitigate big risks...


1.9.18 Kids Fitness: Body, Mind, and Social Skills

We all know that exercise aids children’s physical development through increasing muscle strength, reducing risk of injury, improving agility and decreasing body fat. But there are significant mental benefits, too. Studies show that children who exercise regularly have higher levels of self confidence, focus and...


1.8.18 Flashfit Partnering with Active Schools

Flashfit and Active Schools are teaming up to emphasize the importance of physical education in K-12 schools. What does "Best P.E." mean to you? Check the flyer for more information and click on https://champion.activeschoolsus.org/best-pe-2018 to learn more about how you can get involved! ...


1.4.18: 8 Boomer Resolutions for 2018

A new year is upon us - 2018 is ripe with possibilities to start or maintain a healthy, engaging lifestyle and continue to age with grace. Here are a few of our suggestions to get this year off to the right start! Add a multivitamin...


1.1.18: Top Apps to Keep Your Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

With limitless tech at your fingertips, use productivity, health, and fitness apps for group participation and accountability to keep your New Years resolutions in 2018.   #10 - Read more - 12% Kindle - carry all of your books wherever you go Audible - choose from 180,000 titles,...

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