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Flashfit Featured on App of the Day

Our fearless founder, Angela Pierce, was featured in an interview with the App of the Day website. According to Angela, one of the largest long-term health issues in our society is our sedentary lifestyles. Sitting is the new cancer and we all sit too much! The...


4.22.18: April Newsletter

Flashfit in Action April has been an exciting month for Team Flashfit. We are gearing up to roll out our grant program to 50 schools across the country, developing new Fitsets, and even making an appearance on Central Texas' KVUE TV news. Flashfit in the News Local ABC...


4.18.18: 4 Types of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is one of the most important factors in keeping seniors healthy in an assisted living community. The National Institutes of Health recommends four types of exercises: strength, balance, flexibility and endurance for optimum senior health and well being. Strength exercises build muscle, strengthen bones and...


4.17.18: Movement More Important Than Fitness

To stay healthy, you have to move! And not just the traditional 3-4 times a week droning away on a cardio machine at the gym… For optimal health and wellness, you must get up from your desk - away from your cube - and move...


4.16.18: Brain Breaks Benefit Students

The Flashfit app leads K-12 students in one-minute segments of physical activity set to music. The short periods of exercise - or "brain breaks" - aim to improve the physical health, mental awareness and educational success of children. "We're increasingly recognizing the importance of physical activity...


4.11.18: Fit Over 50

The first of the Gen X cohort is turning 50 this year. As part of this generation, I know we don’t think of ourselves as “aging” or “middle age.” But with young kids, older parents, and often two (or more)-job households - age has nothing...


4.10.18: Creating a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

What is a Culture of Health? “A culture of health is viewed as one in which individuals and social entities (e.g., households, organizations) are able to make healthy life choices within a larger social environment that values, provides, and promotes options that are capable of producing...


4.9.18: Making Phys Ed Inclusive for All Students

Not every student has fond memories of their physical education (PE) lessons. Whether it’s group complaints or not being able to do their favorite sport, a variety of things can deter students from participating. But the benefits team sports and exercise are vast; they develop...


4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class

A generation raised on Wii and Xbox is looking for something different from their fitness experience, and technology is making that happen. To change Millennial's perception of group fitness, Reebok created Immersive Fitness - a line of studio programming that is anything but your mother's step...

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