“We spontaneously bring the community together and strive to improve the health and happiness of those who use our application”

Flashfit provides a fun fitness and brain activity program for older adult communities, available in groups or in their private rooms.


The Administrator determines the number, times of the day, and which activities are to be performed throughout the week, to best meet the goals of the community.


Every community or individual room will be asked randomly throughout the day to participate in a one minute fun activity “Fitset”, each group or room can participate, opt out, or ignore the notice.


Every participating community or private room does the Fitset at the same time all across the living community; moving, improving brain activity, and building a sense of community and active culture.


We will send you reporting on the communities and private rooms participating and total activities performed to use for marketing purposes and share with your stakeholders.


Build an active culture with one minute exercises and brain activities throughout the day


Reduce risk of physical and brain deterioration in your community with simple activities
Technology for new programs can be challenging in the community

So we provide a simple approach to share content with your residents

Create comradery among your residents by including those who prefer time in their personal room

Share reported activity of the program with your stakeholders


We Foster HEALTH

Bolster your brain care program with fun brain activities. Support strength and balance with appropriate exercise activities

We Pursue Excellence

Builds an active physical and mental culture across the community. FlashFit support is available 24×7 for your peace of mind. 

We Create Fun

Creates a fun and easy exercise and brain activity program in your community. Builds comradery among the residents

We Create Results

Share reported activity of the program with your stakeholders. Focus on a simple technology and interface to promote utilization.


We are committed to the health and happiness of the world’s aging population so we offer pricing as low as $5.95 per resident per month including technology


We provide monthly reporting on resident and group participation and activity


Highest performing communities and residents are eligible for rewards

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