“We spontaneously bring people together and strive to improve the health and happiness of those who use our application”

FlashFit provides a fun in office fitness and brain break program for companies to improve productivity and culture.


The Administrator determines the number of exercises and the times they are to be performed throughout the week, to best meet the goals of the company.


Every employee will be asked randomly throughout the day to participate in a one minute fun exercise “Fitset”, each employee can participate, opt out, or ignore the notice based on their schedule.


Every participating employee does the Fitset at the same time all across the company and every office, moving, taking a brain break, and building a sense of community and active culture at the company.


We will send you reporting on the offices and employees participating and total exercises performed to measure the company’s progress against its goals and share with your stakeholders.


Build an active culture with one minute exercise breaks throughout the day


Implement a program across multiple office locations
Studies show creative breakthroughs in the workplace occur after

leaving a problem for activity and coming back to it with a fresh mind

Create an environment for comradery and productivity in the office

Share reported activity of the program with your stakeholders


We Foster Productivity

Bolster your employee productivity with more brain activity. Improve employee focus for challenging tasks

We Pursue Excellence

Builds an active culture with in office movement for the entire company.  

We Create Fun

Creates a fun and easy exercise program in your company for any fitness level. Makes fun exercise part of the health program for your company and build employee culture

We Create Results

Share reported activity of the program with your stakeholders. We can help you implement a program with goals and achievements.


We are committed to the health and happiness of today’s desk driven employees so we offer pricing as low as $1.00 per employee per month


We provide monthly reporting on employee and office participation and activity


We will help you design an awards program based on participation for your employees

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