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Be A Hero!

Get your child’s entire school moving and focused – sponsor a year of Flashfit for only $199.


The Flashfit team will work with the administrators at your child’s school to create a school-specific community and schedule 1-minute brain breaks throughout the day. Flashfit’s customized reporting to the school’s administration will show improvements in students’ health and wellness. And – the classroom with the highest usage wins a prize at the end of the year.

The entire school. The entire school year.

Please complete the form on right and the Flashfit team will:

  • Notify your child’s school about the sponsorship opportunity
  • Contact you to complete the payment process
  • Send a Welcome Packet to you and your child’s school

If you’d like to see the program in action you can see a local news clip here

To learn more about the Flashfit Program contact us at contact@flash.fit or give us a call at 512-667-8535.

Be A Hero Form

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