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4.16.18: Brain Breaks Benefit Students

The Flashfit app leads K-12 students in one-minute segments of physical activity set to music. The short periods of exercise - or "brain breaks" - aim to improve the physical health, mental awareness and educational success of children. "We're increasingly recognizing the importance of physical activity...


4.9.18: Making Phys Ed Inclusive for All Students

Not every student has fond memories of their physical education (PE) lessons. Whether it’s group complaints or not being able to do their favorite sport, a variety of things can deter students from participating. But the benefits team sports and exercise are vast; they develop...


3.26.18: Students Move to Stay Focused in School

Last week I was the volunteer “read aloud” parent for my younger son’s kindergarten class. I was able to see the benefit of movement-based brain breaks in real time. After we finished each book (about every 15 minutes over the two hours I was in...

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