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4.17.18: Movement More Important Than Fitness

To stay healthy, you have to move! And not just the traditional 3-4 times a week droning away on a cardio machine at the gym… For optimal health and wellness, you must get up from your desk - away from your cube - and move...


4.10.18: Creating a Culture of Health in Your Workplace

What is a Culture of Health? “A culture of health is viewed as one in which individuals and social entities (e.g., households, organizations) are able to make healthy life choices within a larger social environment that values, provides, and promotes options that are capable of producing...


3.31.18 – Get Your Rear Off Your Chair!

We are all well aware of the health benefits of exercise - vigorous or otherwise. We try to keep our group class times, our dates with the running trail. But just as - or even more important - than traditional fitness - is plain and...


3.20.18 – Move More to be More Productive at Work

Human beings were not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies are the product of evolution and for the vast majority of the billion-plus years life forms have been subject to evolution it’s safe to say they haven’t spent an average of seven hours a...


3.13.18: DNA Testing and Employee Wellness

Increasingly, U.S. workplaces are offering voluntary DNA testing as a way to understand risk and prevent potential health problems down the road. Employees who know their risk are better able to develop a risk management plan with their healthcare providers, which in some cases will...


3.6.18: Employee Wellness – Stats to Track

Employers, consider your wellness program. Unlike all the other benefits your worksite offers, wellness programs have been studied for decades. There are hundreds and hundreds of rigorous scientific evaluations of the impact of wellness programs, resulting in tons of workplace wellness statistics. There is more...


2.27.18: Employee Wellness App Spotlight – “You Earned It”

Innovative software programs, like Flashfit, are increasingly important in sparking and maintaining employee engagement with workplace wellness programs. This week we’re focusing on an increasingly popular app-based rewards program called YouEarnedIt. In a study by WorldAtWork, a global human resources foundation, 54 percent of employees said...


2.13.18: What is a “Holistic” Employee Wellness Program?

Traditional employee wellness programs have focused on things like physical activity and healthy eating.  The booming trend of holistic employee wellness programs addresses additional aspects of employees’ lives to improve 360-degree health. Holistic employee wellness could include activities that encourage: Career planning Mental and Social...


2.6.18: Social Connectedness – Key to Workplace Wellness

In our increasingly tech-driven world of remote workplaces and virtual teams, it’s easy for your workforce to feel isolated and disconnected from each other. The most effective employee wellness programs focus on forging and maintaining a cultural connection. As an HR leader looking to address...

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