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4.18.18: 4 Types of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is one of the most important factors in keeping seniors healthy in an assisted living community. The National Institutes of Health recommends four types of exercises: strength, balance, flexibility and endurance for optimum senior health and well being. Strength exercises build muscle, strengthen bones and...


4.11.18: Fit Over 50

The first of the Gen X cohort is turning 50 this year. As part of this generation, I know we don’t think of ourselves as “aging” or “middle age.” But with young kids, older parents, and often two (or more)-job households - age has nothing...


4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class

A generation raised on Wii and Xbox is looking for something different from their fitness experience, and technology is making that happen. To change Millennial's perception of group fitness, Reebok created Immersive Fitness - a line of studio programming that is anything but your mother's step...


3.28.18: Exercise Myths for Seniors

As you grow older, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain your independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Senior exercise and fitness tips can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. And not only...


3.22.18: Hangover Workouts – Yes or No?

Waking up in pain after a few too many the night before. We’ve all been there… But should you hit the gym or the running trails with a hangover? The advice varies - and it depends on exactly how much pain you’re in… YES Women’s Health says...


3.21.19: Age – Nothing But a Number in Fitness

No matter your age or physical condition, you can benefit from exercise. It is absolutely safe for seniors older than 65 years to exercise.. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, almost all older people can benefit from additional physical activity. Regular exercise prevents chronic...


3.14.18: Senior Fitness – More Than Just Exercise

The physical benefits of exercise for the over 65 set are well-documented. Group classes and apps can provide seniors with friendship, community, and accountability on top of cardio. Studies have demonstrated that strong social relationships lead to a longer life span. In the British Medical Journal,...


3.12.18: Keeping Kids Active During School Breaks

Spring Break season is here - families are hitting the beach, hitting the slopes, or hanging at home. More unstructured time can lead to more screen time - we need to make sure our kiddos keep moving when gym class is not in session. American children...


3.7.18: Senior Communites: Booming with the Times

Regular exercise can help older adults stay independent and prevent many health problems that come with age.  The CDC 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends two types of physical activity each week to improve health—aerobic and muscle-strengthening. Experts recommend that older adults engage in: Moderate exercise...

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