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4.4.18: Not Your Mom’s Group Fitness Class

A generation raised on Wii and Xbox is looking for something different from their fitness experience, and technology is making that happen. To change Millennial's perception of group fitness, Reebok created Immersive Fitness - a line of studio programming that is anything but your mother's step...


3.31.18 – Get Your Rear Off Your Chair!

We are all well aware of the health benefits of exercise - vigorous or otherwise. We try to keep our group class times, our dates with the running trail. But just as - or even more important - than traditional fitness - is plain and...


3.13.18: DNA Testing and Employee Wellness

Increasingly, U.S. workplaces are offering voluntary DNA testing as a way to understand risk and prevent potential health problems down the road. Employees who know their risk are better able to develop a risk management plan with their healthcare providers, which in some cases will...


2.27.18: Employee Wellness App Spotlight – “You Earned It”

Innovative software programs, like Flashfit, are increasingly important in sparking and maintaining employee engagement with workplace wellness programs. This week we’re focusing on an increasingly popular app-based rewards program called YouEarnedIt. In a study by WorldAtWork, a global human resources foundation, 54 percent of employees said...


2.15.18: Flashfit App Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Your favorite, fun-to-use fitness app is now available on Google Play. Grab your friends and create a Flashmob to spontaneously bring people together and improve your health and happiness. FlashFit is an interactive app that blends a spontaneous Flash mob with 60 seconds of fun exercise...


1.18.18: Working Fitness Into Your Busy Day

Technology can help you easily integrate fitness into your hectic lifestyle. But to really make a change and move toward holistic wellness, consider a two-fold approach: movement and meals.   Movement: This year, over 76% of Americans are interested in increasing their fitness through moving more. This doesn’t...

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