FlashFit | Testimonials
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Nancy Fairchild

Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

“Flashfit is a great way to bring employees together with a teambuilding application that has great personal health benefits! Our employees spend many hour sitting and standing over our instruments developing new solutions for better health of our customers and we all need reminders to focus on our own wellbeing by stretching and moving throughout the day.”

Pleasant Grove Elementary Mount Washington, KY

“We need new ideas and programs to reach our kids and the community to bring them into the 21st century.”

Versailles MO Public School District

“We forget about breaks and need to schedule them and like the ability for the community to receive alerts.”

Alice Mawson

“As an artist, as I design and lay out a page, the less-important things, things I want you to spend less time looking at, I draw them very small, maybe even silhouette them. The more-important pivotal scenes, I draw them larger, maybe even a double-page spread.”

Director Human Resources of AllClear ID

“Getting employees moving and being goofy together is great for culture.”

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