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1.22.18: Healthy Bodies Start in Childhood

Daily physical activity in childhood and adolescence promotes health and well-being for life and prevents a number of bad health conditions. Only 22% of kids 5-17 get the minimum, recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day. What does this mean for kids? Staying Fit Can: Lower...


1.18.18: Working Fitness Into Your Busy Day

Technology can help you easily integrate fitness into your hectic lifestyle. But to really make a change and move toward holistic wellness, consider a two-fold approach: movement and meals.   Movement: This year, over 76% of Americans are interested in increasing their fitness through moving more. This doesn’t...


1.17.18: Top 12 Apps for Baby Boomers

The right mix of technology and apps can help seniors in myriad ways, allowing you to: keep your minds active and engaged, get connected, be on top of news and events, pay bills, set reminders, and stay entertained. Here are our top recommendations for folks...


1.15.18: How Much Exercise Do Kids Need?

According to experts at the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, kids between the ages of 6 and 17 should get a minimum of 1 hour of physical activity every day. This 60 minutes can be a mix the following types of...


1.11.18 – Healthy Aging in Minutes a Day

As an older adult, regular movement is one of the most crucial steps you can take to improve and maintain your health. Even the most simple physical activity can prevent so many of the health problems that sneak up on us with age, and can...


1.10.18 – 10 Ways Your Desk Job Is Killing You

Bad Dilbert cartoons and “humpday” jokes are not the only hazards of the modern workplace. It turns out that your office can actually contribute to serious health problems if you’re not paying attention. So put that doughnut down! Little steps can mitigate big risks...


1.9.18 Kids Fitness: Body, Mind, and Social Skills

We all know that exercise aids children’s physical development through increasing muscle strength, reducing risk of injury, improving agility and decreasing body fat. But there are significant mental benefits, too. Studies show that children who exercise regularly have higher levels of self confidence, focus and...


1.8.18 Flashfit Partnering with Active Schools

Flashfit and Active Schools are teaming up to emphasize the importance of physical education in K-12 schools. What does "Best P.E." mean to you? Check the flyer for more information and click on https://champion.activeschoolsus.org/best-pe-2018 to learn more about how you can get involved! ...

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